Gas Price Protection

Through a new strategic alliance with Pricelock, members can now have more control over their fuel spend. Pricelock provides member businesses (regardless of size) the means to more easily manage the volatile cost of gas or diesel using strategies previously available t o only large companies like Southwest Airlines.

Protect your company against increases in fuel prices
Gas prices have increased 30% or more in five of the last six years. With fuel price protection, Pricelock pays you when gas or diesel prices go over your selected protection price.

Make your fuel prices predictable
Eliminate unexpected hits to your bottom line and create a competitive advantage by capping your fuel budget.

Get the fuel price protection plan that is right for you.
Pricelock works with you to create a plan that you are comfortable will meet your business needs.
Please call 800-260-6844 or create a plan online >

Save Money
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Pricelock pays you when gas prices increase
When you create your fuel protection plan, you choose a protection price based on the national average. Any month in which the national average fuel price is higher than this price, Pricelock pays you the difference.

We compare your protection price to the national average price of gas or diesel (measured by the U.S. Dept. of Energy) when calculating your payouts. The price you pay at the pump will differ from the national average but generally they move in concert with each other. In creating your plan we will help you compare your local average to the national average so that you can choose a protection price that is right for you based on the national average.

Protect Your Business
Enjoy peace of mind by "insuring" your business against jumps in gas prices. Select your protection price based on the highest gas price your company could withstand without harming cash flow.

Budget Predictability
Control your overall fuel costs by choosing a protection price below current prices. The lower the protection price the higher the cost of the plan.
Examples assume sample plans purchased in September 2010 for six months of coverage (from Oct 2010 to Mar 2011) of 1,000 gallons of regular gas and are based on the U.S. Dept. of Energy national average gas prices.
Nursery eliminates fuel price risk
"What Pricelock is offering-fuel hedges to smaller businesses like ours-is revolutionary and will help us offset any increases in our delivery costs due to fuel price jumps."
VP of Finance
Mid-Atlantic Nursery uses Pricelock program to control fuel costs
The company is in a tough spot when fuel prices rise-any jump in diesel prices increases the company's shipping costs, erodes its margins and makes it harder to keep their pricing low for clients.
The VP of Finance wanted to protect the company from drastic fuel price jumps during its highest revenue period in the spring. Until Pricelock, he thought fuel price protection was only for companies with massive fuel budgets.
The Pricelock program has enabled the company to "take the fuel price risk out of their business" and protect profits while keeping prices low for clients. The company name is not being used as the company wishes to remain confidential for competitive reasons.

Nicholas and Son
"Pricelock helps me protect my business, my employees who depend on the company for their livelihood and my customers."
Dale Nicholas
Nicholas & Son
Nicholas & Son controls rising gas prices
Dale Nicholas, President of Nicholas & Son, struggles when fuel prices rise. Because he doesn't like to increase prices to customers, he absorbs higher fuel costs directly which hurts his business.
It's crucial to Dale to protect the family business started by his father over 50 years ago. He had to do something. When he first heard of fuel price protection, he didn't know a small business like his could price protect its fuel.
He liked that the Pricelock program is safe and simple. In the first month, he received a payout. Dale is so pleased that he intends to make fuel price protection part of his permanent

Interested in learning more?

Have a Pricelock associate contact you. They can walk you through what fuel price protection is and show you how it can help your business.

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