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    Fuel Surcharge Protection

    Protect yourself against the cost of shipping fuel surcharges.

    Fuel surcharges are the way that carriers pass fuel cost increases through to shippers. Pricelock provides fuel surcharge protection that works equally well for both shippers and carriers.

    • For Shippers, trucking fuel surcharges can reach up to 40% or more of your total shipping costs. If your business depends on shipping and/or receiving goods, you may be indirectly exposed to fuel price volatility.
    • For trucking companies, fuel surcharge protection pays you when fuel prices increase. This provides the ability to reduce or eliminate surcharges, giving you the pricing advantage on your competition.

    Pricelock's shipping fuel surcharge solution does not require trucking fleets or shippers to change how they run their business. We work with you to estimate your indirect or direct fuel exposure and create an appropriate price protection program to risk manage your fuel price volatility exposure.

    These add-on fees cushion transporters and others against rising fuel costs—and hit businesses and consumers where it hurts.
    Janet Ginsburg, Business Week
    Control fuel surcharges.

    Control fuel surcharges

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