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    Whether you are an energy or motor fuel buyer or a supplier who wants to compete for customers, Marketplace is the most powerful and easy-to-use platform for buying and selling energy.
    • Online auctions and sealed bids
    • Suppliers have the detailed information needed to aggressively compete for business
    • Buyers get better prices
    • Everyone benefits with reduced paperwork and instant access to historical information
    Pricelock Marketplace brings together our decades of commodity experience, industry connections and innovative technology to create a better way to buy and sell fuel and energy.

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    From construction to beverage distribution to landscaping to waste hauling to towing...businesses of many kinds are impacted by gas and diesel prices. When gas costs go up you have three choices:
    • Pass the cost on to your customer,
    • Cut other costs
    • Or, take a hit to your bottom line
    With Pricelock's Fuel Price Protection you can avoid these difficult decisions. Cap your gas and diesel costs with no change to how you fuel today.

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    Many businesses have to pay for shipping to get the raw materials they need for manufacturing or to deliver finished goods to their distributor, market or customer. Most shipping contracts include fuel surcharges that increase the cost of shipping when gas and diesel prices go up.
    With Pricelock's Shipping Fuel Surcharge Protection,you can protect yourself from these surcharges allowing you to more competitively price your products without worrying about taking a hit to your bottom line.

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    Traditionally freight carriers and trucking companies have been able to protect themselves against diesel and gas price increases by imbedding fuel surcharges into their contracts. Over the past few years these companies have had to be more competitive with their bids to get business. Customers have become more aware of the impact of fuel surcharges and are beginning to ask for fixed bids.
    With Pricelock's Fuel Price Protection, you can protect yourself against increases in gas and diesel costs allowing you to offer a more competitive pricing schedule without worrying about hits to your bottom line.

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    Call Center, Financial services, Retail, Hotel and Hospitality, Hospital and Medical, Operations, and other companies all battle to retain employees and reduce turnover. Employee stress and job satisfaction is negatively impacted when gas price increases make commuting more expensive.
    Pricelock's Miles Ahead gas incentive program is proven to cost effectively reduce attrition and improve employee perception of their employer.
    Environmentally focused companies can make employee commuting carbon neutral or use carbon offsets to encourage carpooling with Pricelock's Carbonlock program

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    Companies of all kinds can increase sales with Pricelock's fuel incentive programs because everyone uses gas. Our incentive customers include car manufacturers, credit card issuers, retailers, financial services, incentive design and marketing companies.
    In fact, Hyundai and Chrysler were able to double traffic online, dramatically increase traffic to their dealerships, and significantly boost car sales.
    Our fuel based programs are flexible and can be designed to address your specific marketing, sales and cost goals.

    Together we create a program that can include:
    • fuel discounts and gas price protection at the pump
    • customized card design, website and marketing collateral
    • make fuel purchases carbon neutral through Pricelock's Carbonlock program

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    Create proven customer fuel price incentives
    Provide carbon offsets as a customer incentive
    Learn about the Chrysler Let's Refuel America! program
    Learn how Hyundai incorporated gas price incentives into its Assurance program
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