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    Drive car sales, increase dealership traffic, and beat your forecast!

    With Pricelock car companies can create a powerful sales motivator by protecting their customers from increases in fuel prices and by setting the gas price much lower than customers' expected fuel price at the pump. This program is enabled through Pricelock's unique fuel card and online technology.

    Pricelock has executed two highly successful auto incentive programs.

    • Chrysler's Let's Refuel America in 2008 which protected car buyers at $2.99 gas for 3 years and was the longest running incentive program in the history of Chrysler.
    • The Hyundai Assurance Gas Lock program in 2009 which offered its car buyers fuel at $1.49 for a year. Hyundai saw its sales in August 2009 increase by 47% compared to its sales in August 2008.

    Green your car with Carbonlock

    Carbonlock offers an efficient and inexpensive way to make your cars carbon neutral. Combined with Pricelock, our turnkey program can accurately monitor customer fuel usage, calculate CO2 emissions, and then buy quality carbon offsets to offset such emissions. Carbonlock helps your company enhance its company brand, improve customer relations, be environmentally conscious and win economically.

    The Gas Lock program administered by Pricelock has been a tremendous success proven by increased dealership traffic, web traffic and sales.
    Joel Ewanick
    VP Marketing
    Hyundai USA

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    Drive sales growth by addressing an issue that is critical for the car buyer



    Branded fuel card enhances customer loyalty for the life of the program



    Successful market share gain, customer acceptance, and effective program launch

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