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    Towing, Roadside Assistance and Locksmith Operators

    Industry Spotlight

    Pricelock conducted a survey of Towing, Roadside Assistance and Locksmith Operators to gain insight on their fueling strategies, fuel price's impact on their business and any steps they may have taken to proactively manage volatile fuel prices.
    Survey highlights:
    • An overwhelming 96% fuel at gas stations while 9% use onsite tanks
    • Fuel costs are substantial with 45% indicating that gas and diesel comprise more than 25% of their total expenses
    • Fuel price increases negatively impact 74% of these businesses compared to 26% who manage to pass on higher costs to clients
    • A whopping 63% said they would be willing to drive 5 miles or more out of their way for gas that is 25ยข cheaper per gallon
    • 13% are incorporating fuel hedging to protect their fuel budget with 60% using a financial instrument and 25% pre-purchasing fuel

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