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    Hyundai picks Pricelock to extend Assurance program

    On July 1, 2009 Hyundai launched an extended Assurance program by offering fuel price protection at $1.49 for 12 months.

    Hyundai Assurance

    Hyundai partnered with Pricelock to enhance their Assurance program by adding price protection for gas. Hyundai customers who bought a new car were able to lock in a whole year's worth of gas for just $1.49 per gallon.

    Pricelock comprehensively managed all aspects of the program with its turnkey solution, including:

    • Providing a Hyundai Assurance Gas Lock Fuel Card, that customers will use like a credit card at gas stations throughout the US
    • Handling all cash settlements, for the gas station, the customer’s $1.49 per gallon and everything over $1.49 that is paid by Hyundai
    • Providing online tools so both customers and Hyundai can monitor transactions and usage
    • Assisting Hyundai with their fuel price protection to enable the program

    For more information about Pricelock and our services, contact us.

    Program results:

    During the program, not only was in-store traffic up by more than 30%, but sales were up 47% in August, and 27% in September 2009. The program was extended twice.

    See the commercial below:

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    Hyundai $1.49 Gas
    Summer Sales Event

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