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    Chrysler and Pricelock team for $2.99 gas program

    Chrysler‘s Let‘s Refuel America program provided 17,000 Chrysler car buyers a traditional cash rebate plus a Pricelock fuel card.

    Chrysler answered one of the top concerns of drivers today: fuel costs. By working with Pricelock and creating "Let's Refuel America," Chrysler not only increased customer traffic to dealerships, but also increased sales. This innovative gas guarantee program got its customers' attention.

    Program participants simply use a Pricelock fuel card linked to their MasterCard® or Visa® credit card accounts. The card can be used to purchase enough fuel at $2.99 per gallon to travel up to 12,000 miles per year for 3 years. So no matter what the price at the pump says, participants never have to pay more than $2.99 per gallon for gas.

    For more information about Pricelock and our services, contact us.

    Program results:

    • • Web traffic at chrysler.com increased 34%.
    • • Dealership traffic increased 27%.
    • • Sales beat baseline forecasts.
    • • Longest running incentive program in the history of Chrysler.

    See the commercial below:

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