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    Success Story - Nicholas & Son

    How a small waste hauling business controls rising fuel prices.

    Dale Nicholas found himself in a tough spot when fuel prices hit $5 in 2008. Because Dale doesn't like to increase prices to his customers, he took a huge hit to his business by absorbing most of the costs directly.

    Dale knew it was time to change how he managed his company's fuel costs but he didn't know how. "With what's going on in the Gulf, you never know how much fuel prices are going to fluctuate," he says. "For small businesses like me, we can't absorb unexpected, unbudgeted large bills. Staying steady is critical to my success."

    Dale first heard about Pricelock's fuel price protection through an affiliation with Association Benefits Alliance. As President of the Ohio Waste Haulers Association (OWHA), he had been searching for services that would benefit OWHA members. He discovered that fuel price protection could eliminate the worry caused by the uncertainty of fuel price increases. Dale quickly thought that "fuel price protection is a great way to go," and saw how his company's involvement could serve as a pilot program for the rest of the OWHA membership.

    His search for a partner began and ended after speaking with a Pricelock representative who took the time to explain fuel price protection. Although Dale professes that he is "computer illiterate," he executed a fuel price protection plan online at in just minutes. "The Pricelock program is safe, simple and easy to understand," says Dale. He chose to protect diesel fuel and set his protection price below market price for 300 monthly gallons over a six month period.

    Nicholas & Son is already reaping the benefits of Pricelock's fuel price protection plan. In the first month, Dale received a payout when the national average fuel price rose above his set protection price. "I'm thrilled with my Pricelock plan," he says. "It helps me protect my business, my employees who depend on the company for their livelihood and my customers. I've already recommended Pricelock to other Ohio Waste Haulers Association members."

    When his plan expires, Dale plans to execute another protection plan and make fuel price protection part of his permanent budget. "If you have a business with trucks, you should take advantage of fuel price protection," he says. "Pricelock protects your business and helps you remain competitive in today's ever-changing market. It's the best. Why look at anyone else?"

    Nicholas & Son
    Nicholas & Son, family owned since 1958, is a septic tank cleaning business based in Mentor, Ohio.

    Dale Nicholas is the President of Nicholas & Son and began working as a teenager in the family business started by his father. Dale has grown the business over the last 30 years and now operates in three counties with employees who help him operate his pump trucks.
    "I like that I don't have to change how I fuel with no restrictions on where I buy or how much I use."
    Dale Nicholas
    President, Nicholas & Son


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