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    Education - Fuel price protection

    Choosing the right protection price:

    The higher the protection price, the lower the cost of a protection plan. The lower the protection price, the more likely you are to receive payouts, but the more you will pay for the plan. As you consider the right protection price for your company, you must balance these factors. In both situations below you must convert your price from the local prices to the national average.

    The protection plan acts almost as an "insurance" policy against unforeseen large increases in fuel costs.

    Determine the highest fuel price that your company could withstand without harming your cash flow or ability to do business.

    By selecting a high protection price, you are decreasing the cost of the protection plan and you know that Pricelock will pay you when you need it the most.
    Enjoy lower predictable fuel costs.

    Cap your overall fuel costs by selecting a protection price well below the current national average price.

    By selecting a low protection price, you will significantly increase the cost of the plan but you can accurately budget your overall fuel spend. You will receive payments from Pricelock unless the national average price falls below your protection price.

    Once you purchase a plan, you will have no additional costs. You receive a payout from Pricelock when the national average price goes above your protection price. There is no pre-purchasing of fuel or added paperwork.

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