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    Risk & Insurance magazine 2010 Risk Innovator Award

    Pricelock CEO wins the 2010 Risk InnovatorTM award and the Responsibility Leader® designation!

    Bob Fell, Pricelock CEO, was recently honored with the 2010 Risk Innovator Award by Risk & Insurance® Magazine, a leading risk management and insurance publication. The Risk Innovator Award is a tremendous honor as Bob was selected among a field of distinguished business leaders for demonstrating innovation and excellence in risk management. Bob was also awarded the Responsibility Leader designation which was given to a select group of this year's Risk Innovators whose accomplishments prove they often go beyond the call of duty.

    Bob stood out for recognizing that fuel price volatility remains a largely unprotected risk for most businesses and developing a fuel price protection solution to help small and mid-size businesses protect against volatile fuel prices. While large businesses like Southwest Airlines have been protecting themselves from fuel price fluctuations for years, Bob has leveled the playing field for small and mid-size businesses who can now minimize their exposure to fuel price fluctuations and protect their bottom line.

    Read Risk & Insurance's spotlight on Bob Fell and his accomplishments.
    Robert Fell, CEO and Founder of Pricelock
    Bob Fell
    Founder & Chief Executive Officer
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