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    Learn how to protect your business from fuel price increases, create an exciting benefit program for your employees, or better manage your company fuel spend.

    How does fuel price protection work
    A quick illustration of how fuel price protection works
    National vs. Local prices
    Learn how to use national prices in your fuel price protection plan

    Choosing the right protection price
    Select the protection price that is going to help your business meet its objectives
    Determining the size of your plan
    Using information about your fleet you can estimate your fuel usage

    Modifying the cost of your plan
    Adjust to cost of fuel price protection to meet your needs
    Use multiple plans to match variable usage
    Learn how to construct a protection plan that matches your fuel usage

    Overview of Fuel Price Protection
    An overview of Pricelock's Fuel Price Protection, which provides protection from volatile fuel prices
    Overview of Employee Benefits
    An overview of Pricelock's innovative, fuel-based Employee Benefits product

    Large landscaping business
    A company proactively manages its fuel costs in order to protect its earnings, limit its operating risk exposure and remain competitive
    McCorkle Nurseries
    McCorkle Nurseries stabilizes its fuel costs and reduces the negative impact of rising fuel prices on its budgeted expenses

    Garden Supply Company
    Family-owned business ensures fuel prices won't hurt its bottom line
    Mid-Atlantic Nursery
    VP of Finance uses revolutionary Pricelock program to control fuel costs.

    2010 Rising Star Award of Excellence
    Pricelock has been awarded this prestigious honor for demonstrating innovation in empowering businesses to safely protect against volatile fuel prices
    Pricelock wins "Hottest Companies in Silicon Valley" award
    Pricelock joins other companies such as Facebook as one of 2011's "Hottest Companies in Silicon Valley"

    Nicholas & Son
    A small waste hauling business controls rising fuel prices
    A company implements an innovative benefits program that has helped them attract and retain employees

    Hyundai picks Pricelock to extend Assurance program
    Hyundai's monthly sales achieve a record increase
    Ingomar Packing
    A leading tomato processing company protects their natural gas exposure

    Chrysler and Pricelock team for $2.99 gas program
    See how Chrysler increase web & dealer traffic and beat sales targets
    Pricelock CEO wins Risk Innovator award
    Pricelock CEO wins the 2010 Risk InnovatorTM Award for enabling small & mid-size businesses to safely protect against volatile fuel prices

    Gas Price Charts
    Interactive tools that allow you to create custom charts with national and local gas and diesel prices
    Pricelock Monthly
    A timely discussion of what is happening with gas and diesel prices - updated monthly

    Navigating Turbulent Fuel Markets
    Fuel market update and strategies for success in volatile markets
    2011 Pricelock Fuel Pricing Survey
    2011 Pricelock Fuel Pricing Survey presents businesses' latest views on fuel pricing, its impact on their business and fuel price protection programs

    Surviving the Next Fuel Price Armageddon
    Tom Kloza, OPIS Chief Oil Analyst and Pricelock's Tripp Dunman discuss today's fuel market Watch now
    Industry Spotlight
    Towing, Roadside Assistance & Locksmith Operators share their fueling strategies & fuel price's impact on their business

    Fuel Price Protection for your Industry
    See how businesses like yours are reducing fuel risk
    Chart your employee turnover costs
    Compare your costs to industry averages and learn how to reduce attrition

    Pricelock Gas Price Challenge
    Fleet and fuel professionals compete to see who can most accurately predict gas prices
    How to plan and protect your fuel budget
    Plan your fuel budget strategically based on where the world markets are headed

    Keep up with latest fuel info
    Be the first to know about Pricelock webinars, fuel updates & educational pieces
    10 ways the U.S. can lower gas prices
    A list of 10 policies that could reduce gasoline prices in the US

    10 misconceptions about fuel hedging
    Fuel hedging works, so why aren't more companies doing it?
    Basic Fuel Hedging Strategies
    Today's volatile fuel prices have many worried - learn how to keep costs under control

    Introduction to Hedging
    Learn about fuel hedging strategies and find the right one for your business
    Select the right reference price
    The quality of a fuel hedge is only as good as the reference price you select. Learn how one firm was impacted by its decision

    Managing your fuel costs
    The top 3 concerns when buying fuel in bulk
    Fuel price protection: friend or foe?
    Four commonly held misconceptions about fuel price protection

    5 tips for managing your fuel costs
    5 easy tips to help you find safe and simple ways to manage your diesel and gasoline expense
    5 tips for managing your fuel costs
    5 easy tips to help you find safe and simple ways to manage your diesel and gasoline expense

    Gas price protection: is it right for you?
    Best practices for implementing an effective gas price protection plan with minimal risk, cost and complexity

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