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    About Pricelock

    Pricelock is the first company bringing internet-integrated commodity price protection products to businesses and consumers.

    Pricelock is the world's first company to offer online fuel price protection to businesses of all sizes from increasingly volatile fuel prices. The Pricelock program is well-respected in the industry, garnering multiple awards such as the 2010 Risk Innovator™ Award by Risk & Insurance. The company also offers Carbonlock™, a unique "green fleet" program that allows fleets and businesses to efficiently acquire certified carbon offsets and become carbon neutral.

    Our solutions portfolio includes:

    • Fleet Price Protection & Shipper Fuel Surcharge Management to help fleets and shippers manage their direct and indirect fuel cost variability
    • Marketplace brings buyers and suppliers of fuel and energy together on an auction platform where suppliers find new opportunities and buyers get the best prices
    • Automotive & Marketing Incentives programs delivered using a co-branded fuel card incentive that reduce or guarantee a fixed price of fuel for customers over a specified time period
    • Miles Ahead Employee Gas Incentive Program helps employers differentiate themselves with a unique fuel based employee incentives program that has proven to reduce employee attrition and improve corporate recruitment efforts
    • Carbonlock™ carbon offset programs help fleets and employers go green by analyzing fleet fuel usage to accurately calculate the appropriate carbon offsets

    Pricelock works with companies of all sizes including national brands like Chrysler, Hyundai, and Aegis as well as local companies such as laundry and gardening services. By aggregating demand, Pricelock offers solutions to small businesses that were previously only available to large fuel buyers. Pricelock's flexible offerings are supported by online tools and access to experts to help each company find the solution that is right for them. See how companies have benefitted from Pricelock solutions. Go >

    Executive Management Team

    Robert M. Fell Founder & Executive Co-Chairman

    Naveen Agarwal Chief Executive Officer

    Russ Elmer General Counsel & Corporate Secretary

    Liat Rorer VP, Marketing

    Mukund Srinivasan VP, Finance

    Paul Gardiner VP, Product Management

    Krishna Bandaru VP, Engineering

    Board of Directors

    Mike Bonsignore Co-Chairman

    Robert M. Fell Founder & Executive Co-Chairman

    Naveen Agarwal Chief Executive Officer

    Yatin Mundkur Partner, Artiman Ventures


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